Monday, November 25, 2013

Rome dan kemanusiaan

          Paksu Yusof aku, a.k.a Paksucop,merangkap adik mak aku, baru-baru lepas, ada urusan kerja di Italy. Banyak gambaq dia kongsikan di kota Rome dan beberapa lagi kota di sana. Syok tengok gambaq-gambaq dia tangkap. Maklumlah, bekas wartawan akhbar The Star, zaman 90an dan awal 2000an dulu.

         The dark side of Rome. This lady, child on his arm, got into the train and begged for money loud. Nobody bothered to raise an eyelid. System failure certainly is a global disease.

Tangisan dalam keretapi di Italy. Gambar ihsan fesbuk Paksu.

Beberapa komentar untuk dikongsikan tentang gambar di atas:

Hamisah Zaherah : "System Failure," I like the term and yes, that sure is a global disease. While you complaint of how bad we (i.e ppl from Bangi ) were when it comes to treating beggars, yet I think it was worst there kan? At least here in Bangi, while we were not happy having kids going around asking for donation from Islamic School that doesn't seems to exist yet, some of us (kak hang ni for example) still would give at least RM2.

Abdul Malik Abd Ghani : boleh la jadi penanda aras utk malaya...

Nor Akmal Mohd Salleh : Hang paham ke beggar tu kecek gapo and I'm very sure org tu tak kecek omputih.

Mohd Fahmi Ismail : Mungkin local people tau itu scam atau tactic sindiket di sana.dilakukan oleh imigran dari eropah timur,atau dari negara bekas soviet?

Jy Kraska :The locals can't give all the time - it's too common. Besides, a citizen would get social security help, not beg in public.

Abu Safian Adnan : Yes....almost every corner of the streets.

Alden Yap : Scam This is sob story. Others sell you roses.

Norhayati Saad  :  The lady looks more like gypsies - 'real' European don't like them ... As they don't like some Asian too ... two yrs ago when I was in Paris when we asked for direction a 'lady' said ' I m so sorry I don't speak English ' .... In a very fluent English dialect .... What can u say ?

Alaudin Shahidan : A very good photo Ucop...and story...Reminds me of national geographic mag.

Romeizan Radzi :  Norhayati Saad,Yusof Ghani, confirmed gypsies. Hundred meters from my home pun ada. She plays accordian in front of the supermarket. As Fahmi said, it is kind of syndicate. Currently, Holland is bombarded by pickpocketers from Bulgaria pulak. One day before a big event or celebration in Amsterdam, dia orang hantar satu bas datang to pick pocket.

Yusof Ghani : Gosh! I really don't feel safe in Rome and in Paris. I'm in paris now, leaving tomorrow. Alhamdulillah, nothing happens tapi really had to be extra careful. Ramainya org kulit hitam following you to sell souvenirs.

Yusof Ghani : Alaudin Shahidan,nak bawa kamera pun takut so pakai hp.

Yati Ahmad : Memangla europe is not safe Yusof Ghani....even kat london pun banyak penyangak...pick pocket dh jadi proffession dia org..dlm train pun have to extra careful..

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